Response to the Podcast: From Around the World!

Leana Delle’s recent podcast—her interview with Betty Edwards—has been heard by people around the world, Girlfriend, We Need To Talk! … and the response has been wonderful! Read a few of the listeners’ comments below. And tune in, if you haven’t heard it yet!

"I admire Betty Edwards…just thanks to a person who has told the world that you do not need talent to draw!  The fact of taking something simple to the sublime, many have been initiated into the world of art by it, for sure.”  Diego Faris–Suarez

"I came to Betty’s book via my acting teacher, Lesly Kahn, who recommends it highly to help open up your creative mind – and she couldn’t have been more right!  I got this book on her recommendation, but didn’t have much hope; my sister is the drawing artist of the family.  But, lo and behold, as I followed her instructions, I saw I could do it too!  And my teacher was right, not only did it free my creative mind, but it enhanced my confidence, and . . . I don’t know, just made me feel good.  So thanks to Betty for creating this book.  I can’t wait to continue on with it as well as hopefully pass it to my daughter one day.  All the best to you and her.”  ~ Beth Fraser, Actress – California

Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

"All my respect and consideration to Dr. Betty Edwards!  It has been an honour to listen to this interview.  I cherish so much her book, it is a precious gem!  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her work and dedication, and I am wishing along with her that more kids today experience a moment like she did in fourth grade!  We all should fight for this and spread the knowledge.  I wish so much that I was encouraged more when I was a kid to pursue this love for drawing.  I used to draw as a kid and easily reached the drawing state, I wasn’t even aware but it was so peaceful, quiet and blissful but our drawing classes, sport, music were replaced many times with math or other disciplines and even when they weren’t, I was having this thought, this idea implemented in the back of my head, that drawing is a waste of time.  I still pursued it but didn’t have the knowledge and strength to thrive, and at some point, I said to myself that I’m not even good at it so why bother anyway.  We need to change this for future generations!  We need to let everyone know that drawing is for everyone!  Anyone can draw and it’s healthy, it’s the best therapy for mind and soul!  Thanks to Betty a million times.  I feel blessed for finding her work.”  ~ Andra – Romania

 "Betty Edwards has helped unlock the fear of sketching in design for both myself and our design students – and personally sparked curiosity about how we observe and record . . . hugely indebted; thank you.”  ~ Sally Daniels – United Kingdom

"This book was recommended to me by a bookseller, and it revolutionized my technique, my way of drawing and erased my fears.  I was blown away by her method.  Many thanks to Betty Edwards.”  ~ Sab Simon – France