Hear What Former Students Have To Say About The DRSB Experience

Thousands of individuals have taken the DRSB 5-Day Workshops over the years, in locations across the United States, Europe and Asia.  Brian Bomeisler has been the lead instructor since 1998, and as the testimonials below suggest, he is a gifted teacher.

While there are courses taught by others all over the world using the "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" method founded by Betty Edwards and first published in her book in 1979, the DRSB Workshops taught by her son, Brian Bomeisler, are the only ones that link so closely to Dr. Edwards’ own teaching methods.  Brian worked with her when she was teaching, and as a practicing artist himself (www.brianbomeisler.com), he brings his own unique style and skills to the workshops. 

Here is what just a few of his students have to say:

  • The Gestalt: Self-Portrait “The really important teaching/learning is how to SEE differently...This is my major premise: having learned to know perceptual skills through actually using them in drawing will enhance your success in transferring your visual skills to thinking and problem solving... These visual skills are useful for problem solving of all kinds, in every field of human endeavor, from solving business or personal problems to enhancing general thinking about world problems (large scale) or local problems (smaller scale). More important, they can help you produce new and unique innovations of social value... [What the pre-instruction drawings represent is the age at which the person last drew, often coinciding with the age at which the person gave up on trying to draw.]” -Betty Edwards (1979/2012) Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain upcoming 5 day workshops https://lnkd.in/ew7GcBF Thank you, Brian Bomeisler, teacher and artist extraordinaire! Kate B Student Austin, February 2019

  • Brian, you are the best instructor i ever had. Clearly the method is rock solid. You were always present, in the moment, for five days! Few instructors can do that! Thank you for the wonderful and transformative experience. (From Facebook) Alessandro F Student St. Augustine, March 2018

  • Brian, it was an awesome week. I can't think of any other course I've taken that changed my actual ability to perceive the world. (From Facebook) John DeR Student St. Augustine March 2018

  • Brian, I am writing to you after you said you correspond with students... Your wealth of information, patience, dedication, passion, knowledge and commitment are immeasurable. I appreciated your sense of humor and timing which allowed us to slowly get into the way things were going to flow through the week... I came away with a wonderful discovery. A silence that speaks to me, that has opened up a side of me that was never known to me, maybe very little, untapped. I started feeling it during the drawings in class. The more my left brain quieted down the more the silence emerged, like the sun in the morning, quietly, brilliantly. I met a friend for coffee the other day and suddenly in the middle of our conversation while I was listening to her, peace descended upon me, my mind quieted down, I recognized it and allowed it to be. I took in every word she was saying, I was in the moment, not thinking of answering, just present. It was a magical moment and I thank you Brian for helping me reach that. Your voice, your message come to me in many ways... Let me share this with you: I loved the way you look into people's eyes while you talk. We live in a world where that is a rarity and as I listened to you and sustained the look it showed me how much of that we don't have, how much I don't have and how nurturing it is and what a better world it would be if we all did it. Thank you Brian for all you gave me... I have already gotten so much from the course, so much and allowing this silence to surface is where I am today. You are very gifted teacher. And sharing your wisdom with the world is the best one can hope for. I am very thankful for the way you touched my life. Happy Thanksgiving! Best regards, Miriam L Student in NYC, November 2016

  • Hi Professor Brian, Thank you so much for your deep and rich insight into the process of art production. The DRSB course has expanded my abilities in one week… Unlocking or perhaps unblocking the creative silent lady who lives in the right hemisphere. I showed my drawings to one of my art teachers. She is super critical and she couldn't say enough praise about what I had produced.... There are few people in this ol' world who can claim to have changed it. Your mother did that! I have followed her work since the 1980s and have finally really been able to access some of her concepts. Your own contribution is absolutely invaluable! I am so grateful, but more than that, I have new tools to maintain my drawing momentum. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Mary Anna C., Student in St. Augustine, September 2016

  • I took the class because I had a constant inner call to draw and paint.  I didn't have any training in drawing and I hoped this class would give me the "know-how" fast and easy.  Sure, I was afraid I'd be the only one who didn't get it and that I'd make a fool of myself.  Fortunately, I got it.  Way faster and easier than I thought I would.  Just like all the people in the class.  We all got it.  We all started out having no idea how to draw; and we all ended the class drawing beautiful self-portraits.  Doing the self-portrait in the 5th day, I realized I never really knew what I looked like.  What was the shape of my eyes, of my nose, of my lips?  I judged my body countless times, but never really saw it.  Amazing mind-shift!  This class is one of the most precious gifts I have given myself and a gift that I can also easily pass on to my daughter.  Aside from the knowledge I gained about drawing, it felt to me like a deep healing retreat.  It helped me realized how fast and superficially I looked at the world and how many things, spaces, lights, shadows I missed.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, to heal, and finally to be able to draw real people, real spaces, real stuff.  Thank you so much, Brian, for doing this work and for being such an amazing teacher.  Mihaela D., DRSB Student (from Poland), Seattle, March 2016

  • I took a DRSB drawing class last week and I find myself still astounded, 3 days later, by the entire experience.   In a matter of 5 days, our ability to draw a self-portrait was transformed.  Much of this is due to learning how to use the right side of the brain.  We practiced using different techniques, which helped us access our creative side while quieting our internal critic.  I was amazed and pleased by the comparison of my pre-instruction self-portrait and the final drawing we completed on the fifth day.   On day One, I really didn’t think this would happen to me.  But as each day went by, I was gaining more drawing skill; my observations of lines, shapes and negative spaces was becoming more acute; and I was becoming familiar in using the tools that are supplied in the DRSB portfolio.  This wasn’t my first drawing class—I’ve taken two others.  But this class was hugely different and has given me a skill set to use going forward, which in turn renewed my interest in drawing.  Thank you, Brian!  Linda G., DRSB Student, Seattle, March 2016

  • My five-day drawing course with Brian Bomeisler exceeded all expectations.  Overall, I cannot recall an educational experience that taught me so much in such a short period of time. It was an enjoyable, positive, and reinforcing atmosphere for all of us in the group.  There are several ways we learned--through Brian’s presentations, demonstrations, and insightful feedback.  We also learned from our fellow students as we shared our questions, problems, successes, and insights.  Each of us received the one-on-one time with the instructor that we needed, to get us over the bumps. This method of teaching drawing skills and techniques should be translated to many other educational programs, it’s so effective!  Bottom line:  it’s exciting that in only five days, one can go from the stick-figure drawing of your childhood to drawings that actually look like the subject.  Wow!  Terry G., DRSB student, Seattle, March 2016

  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain opened my mind and eyes to “see the world” in a completely new way. It’s a life-changing experience that gave me an amazing, fresh perspective on how to view challenges. Plus, I gained the skill to draw, which helps train your brain to slow down and absorb what’s really there—not what you think is there—something I desperately need in the fast-paced business environment. Nancy B., DRSB student, La Jolla, March 2016

  • I am letting my dentist friends know about your workshop. They were all amazed that I could learn to draw so differently in 5 days. While I have had only a few opportunities to practice drawing, I am using the skills daily in my dental practice. Janette L. DDS; DRSB student, La Jolla November 2014

  • I just wanted to say that, almost 4 years later, I am still drawing and I am so thankful for the course and for your thoughtful and patient teaching. Expression through drawing has been such a joy, that I just wanted to pass along my thanks once again. Melissa, DRSB Student, 2014

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you at this wonderful workshop.I found that all things are possible and that I really can draw. I do so appreciate your excellent teaching skills. You seem to have endless patience, and I appreciated your quiet unassuming manner, and highly organized way of presenting the material.It all seems so logical and simple, and although it will need a lot of practice to hone this art, you have provided me with the tools to work with in the future. I did step right out of my comfort zone in taking your course, but you made me feel perfectly at ease in the group. Gillian T., DRSB student, Santa Barbara, March 2014

  • I loved the course! It exceeded my expectations and I feel such satisfaction knowing that I now have the tools and techniques to begin drawing. I have taken time to draw almost every night since the course ended, and it feels great. I think I sleep better, too, because I allow my left-brain to take a bit of a vacation before bed. Thank you again for a fabulous course. It was a very steep learning curve for me and I was frustrated at times, but it was totally worth it. Colleen K., DRSB student, Seattle, January 2014

  • I really enjoyed the class and love the discussion by each person at the end of each day. I am planning to teach the color theory to my grandkids, which will give me the opportunity to remember what I learned and show someone else. Thanks so much again for a wonderful experience. Patty M., DRSB painting class, NYC, 2014

  • I have always loved art but, unfortunately, was one of those folks who just was not born with the "drawing gene." Or so I thought. About six months ago, I read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, which really piqued my interest into what would be possible if I tried to develop the skills talked about in the book. I thought it would be wonderful to attend a course based on the book and, luckily, found yours. So, with a little trepidation, I turned up on Day 1 and after an introduction by Brian about the course, we embarked on our first drawing (pre-instruction): the self-portrait. Mine was the archetypal left-brain drawing full of symbols, with my nose and eyes still looking like they did when I drew them as a 12-year-old. Brian put all the students’ drawings away until the last day. For the rest of the week, we were immersed in lectures and practical work about lines, negative spaces, perspective, etc., and learned the skills and techniques that all artists use. I looked forward to each day. Although the work was challenging and, at times, a little frustrating, it was amazing to see my skill level improve each day as each of my drawings got progressively better. Then, Day 5 was upon us and our assignment was to do the final drawing: another self-portrait. My husband came to pick me up and Brian asked him to join the class for the final unveiling and critiques of the initial/final self-portraits. When Brian asked him for his thoughts, he said, "I am almost speechless. I would never have believed that such an improvement in five days could happen. I'm stunned." This course completely demystified drawing for me. It is not about having the "drawing gene." It is about learning a new skill, which is challenging; but if you immerse yourself in the experience, with the benefit of Brian's wonderful tutelage, anyone can achieve amazing results. I had a lot of fun, met some wonderful people, and, above all, discovered the joy of actually being able to draw. Kate, DRSB student, St. Augustine, November 2012.

  • My husband and I recently took the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain class, as an anniversary gift to each other. I had some drawing background from college; my husband had no previous drawing experience. After attending the one-week workshop, we have found that we look at the world differently. Everything is new and interesting. Spaces we never knew existed are now visible and, by applying the basic theory of negative spaces, our drawings are much improved, recognizable, and interesting. We both can draw everything now, and are very excited to continue to practice what we have learned and take more advanced classes in the near future. We strongly recommend Brian Bomeisler’s classes to anyone who wishes to enhance their life through a heightened "seeing" skill. It is amazing, wonderful, informative, and fun. Tom and Candy F., DRSB student, Boston 2012

  • There has been very little in my life that I can say has changed my vision of things, literally and figuratively. I am very glad to say that your wonderful drawing course is one of them. One week later, I am walking around NYC and everything looks different and new to me: shadows, lines, negative spaces, angles, faces, colors, trees, street signs, buildings: all of New York City is more alive. Or maybe it's just me. I've been riding the subway for over 35 years and yet, had it not been for the class, it never would have occurred to me to look and see one of the steel pillars and draw it and see it as a "pillar of the community.” Every time I draw something, I am initially pleased and then begin to see what I could improve on in the next drawing. That, too, is exciting. In the class I felt like I was inside a snow globe and everything was swirling around me. Nothing was making much sense. Now that I've had some time alone after the class, and watched the DVD and gone out and started sketching and sighting things, the blizzard of new information is settling down and making sense. I am delighted to see that everything is eye-appealing to me and capable of giving me a new-found visual pleasure. Brian, I owe you and your mother so much for this new gift. I am deeply grateful to you both. John L., DRSB student, NYC, September 2012

  • Brian, your course is still firmly imprinted in my mind and my drawing skills have improved immensely under your fine tutelage. I just loved that week in New York. It was the best gift I've ever given myself and I just might have to sign up for another course! Pat, DRSB student, NYC, June 2011

  • Thank you for the wonderful five days I had at your classes. I showed my drawings and sketches to my family and friends, and they were all shaken by the fact that such dramatic changes really can occur in only a few days. I am amazed myself, even though I remember feeling these changes as they happened. The whole experience left me with so much more than just a realization that with the right instructions, it is possible and enjoyable to learn anything, even skills as magical as realistic drawing. And by “right” instructions, I mean not only the things one is told to look for, but also the way of delivery. I home-school my daughter and know first-hand how difficult it is to come up with a method of sharing knowledge. My sincere thanks to Dr. Edwards for finding the method that works and can be taught so quickly! But there is something else without which any method can fail (many of mine failed because I overlooked this). It is the atmosphere around the subject that makes all the difference. You are an amazing teacher, Brian, and the atmosphere you created for us was as important for our progress as the Betty Edwards method itself. It was the illustration of why the method works. You told us that the class was about learning to see and ways of applying it to learning to draw, but you made us feel that the class was about every one of us. I am truly grateful to you for this. Olga, DRSB student, May 2012

  • There are a tremendous number of self-improvement books and courses these days, which promise transformation of the reader or student. Generally, they fall flat, which is why I was so impressed with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I'm a business manager taking a year off; and while I had always enjoyed art, I couldn't draw more than a stick figure. I tried some of the exercises in Betty Edwards’ famous book, and made so much progress that I elected to try the course in the New York City venue. I was one of nine students and was able to not only experience amazing development in my ability but to see it blossom in the others. We made friends and learned from each other, despite disparate backgrounds ranging from an art teacher to a computer software developer. I can comment on the NYC venue in that it is great to spend a week in the SOHO area of NYC, which is vibrant with cultural and shopping resources. Bob, DRSB student, NYC course, 2011

  • After taking your classes, I am changed from the inside out. I now have new ideas, new skills supported with desire, and new knowledge to draw things that I only dreamed of just a few weeks ago. What a wonderfully liberating experience! Thank you for devoting your life to teaching drawing. I am a new person because of what I learned and experienced. I am drawing often now! Linda M., DRSB student, La Jolla course, July 2011

  • I have been an elementary art teacher for almost seven years now. I have a Master's in Art Education with a focus on painting. I love to paint but have had a lifelong fear of drawing and have always ended up frustrated and depressed whenever I attempted to draw. In college and graduate school, I was never taught the fundamentals of drawing. This led me to always feeling like a big fake at work. How could I be a good art teacher and not be able to draw? This fear affected my life every single day. I finally took the big step this summer to take your class, and it has changed everything for me! I have a new confidence that I have never had before! I was sure I was going to be your one 'hopeless case' that you would not be able to help. Wrong! Every student improved immensely. I was even scared that when I got home, I would not be able to draw. However, the lessons you taught us in those five short days are still with me and I can't get enough. I cannot recommend this class enough to anyone who has a desire to learn to draw. It is worth every penny you spend and every second you agonize over having to draw with a class of strangers (as I did). After this class, you will have a new group of friends, you will have improved a huge amount in your drawing, and you will have a new confidence in yourself! Robin K., DRSB student, San Francisco 2008

  • I had always wanted to paint, but my results were so poor that it was discouraging. I took your class and since then have not stopped drawing and painting: sketchbook, still life, live model, watercolor, oil. My progress is a constant source of satisfaction and pleasure. This would not have happened without your initial training. Thank you to your mother and to you! Jean T., DRSB student, 2008

  • Just wanted to say once again, "Thank you!" for coming to Sedona. When I took your class that year, I was a flight attendant. I took an early retirement this summer and started to look for my next job. I was hired in September as an art illustrator! I was shocked that as a beginner, I would get the job (my boss does not know I am a beginner.) And now, after traveling for a living for almost 39 years, I now work at home! I love drawing and I love being at home; this new job affords me both. Thanks to you (and please extend my thanks to your mother, with whom this all started!). Now I am not just doing a job, but starting my next career: art. You have another success story for your teaching. Beverly S., DRSB student, Sedona workshop 2006.

  • Brian, I came home after taking the 5-Day DRSB Workshop, and couldn't stop talking about what a great teacher you are. My wife is a teacher, so I know how difficult it is to express thoughts in a meaningful and understandable way. I admire your patience. I am drawing, and really enjoying it. I cannot believe how time flies when I draw. It makes me feel good—I'll draw as much and as often as I can, and now have a greater appreciation for art and artists because of taking your course. Gary W., DRSB student, 2006

  • I am in state of disbelief. Am I the same person who drew those pictures? Stravinsky; a hand; a chair; the angular porch; Matthew's profile; my "before and after" self-portrait! I think "surprise" is a better word to describe my state. Before your class, I was not sure if I should even take it. I wasn’t sure if I ought to take a chance; or if it was merely a whim, a waste of money. But once I was there in Santa Barbara, I knew it was worth it. And now that I am home, I really know it was worth it—I was worth it. John M., DRSB student, Santa Barbara 2006.

  • The minute my husband saw me get off the plane after attending your 5-Day workshop, he couldn't believe how much my look had changed. Not literally, but in my eyes and in my self-confidence. The week has changed my whole life in the way I look and observe anything I draw. Before I left for your class, I started a painting of an angel and my interpretation of Saint Jerome. Totally lost. I came back and repainted, using what I learned in class. It was unbelievable the attention I got from other artists who couldn't believe the change in my work. Not only was the material and theory great, but the way you teach is incredible, never making me feel as though my drawing might be the worst or that I couldn't do it. Your inspiration has allowed me to make such great strides in such a short amount of time. Thank you! Sheila P., DRSB student, NYC, 2005

  • I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and how much you have inspired me. I drew several pictures while at the beach on vacation, something I never would have done had I not just completed your class. I am really feeling great about the whole experience, and am so impressed with the results. I would be thrilled and honored to tell potential students how absolutely wonderful and motivating your teaching is. I will be back for more classes soon! Estelle, DRSB student, NYC 2005

  • I found the course in Cambridge to be a life changing experience and it has caused me to look at other areas of my life where I think I really ought to be able to do something but have, over the years, assumed I lacked ability. I am presently looking for a course for people who think they cannot sing but really can! Thank you. Graham C., DRSB student, course in Cambridge, England 2005

  • Taking the class with you this summer opened my eyes wide to seeing the world differently—not just in my drawings and not just when looking at something around me, but in how I think about solving problems. Building on the right-mode/left-mode concept, I think that exercising both modes makes a person a stronger whole. It's another path to full body health and well-being. It's building brain synapses. Thank you for teaching me how to access the rest of my brain! Laurie, DRSB student, NYC 2005

  • I first read your mother’s book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, in 1995, while I was incarcerated in solitary confinement in the federal correctional facility in Florence, Colorado. From the moment I opened and read the first page, I was hooked. This, in turn, helped me cope with the situation in which I had put myself. I followed the instructions to a “T” and the countless hours and days I spent on the work did not matter. From that moment on, my life has changed. My incarceration ended in 2003. That summer, I had my first art exhibition. I showed twenty pieces—pencil drawings. I now own a business and am doing well. Please let your mother know that she made a profound difference in my life, and for this, I will always be thankful. Luis, Colorado