The Resilience of Art and Artists

This is an inspiring story from the Los Angeles Times, of an artist who lost most of his life’s work in the recent California fires:  Artist John Wullbrandt, Carpinteria.  Here is a link to his own website:

The artist at work in 2010.

After so much loss, he told the reporter: "Gone, all of this gone," he says, sweeping his hand across the landscape depicted in the painting.

But with loss comes new life.

"It really will be like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, the rebirth," Wullbrandt says. "It will be so much more beautiful once it starts to rejuvenate. We're gonna see wildflowers we haven't seen in 100 years."  Then Wullbrandt gazes up at a mountain ridge in the distance, now a thin, ash-gray paint stroke on the horizon.

"The spring — just wait. As an artist, I can't wait to paint it."

We wish him all the best as he starts anew to paint what he sees.