#5 on the List of 20 Best Creativity Books (To Help You Generate Useful Ideas)

“Multipotens” means powerful in Latin. The Multipotens website aims to give people knowledge on how to amplify their potential in every aspect of their life, mostly brain power and willpower.  http://www.multipotens.com/creativity-books/

The site chose Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain for its Top 20 Best Creativity Books, and we've come in at #5!

From the Multipotens site:  "2013 Nautilus Books for a Better World Silver winner as Best Creative Process Book, this is a life-changing book destined to inspire!  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain brings the brain’s right hemisphere functions and importance into focus."

"Betty Edwards describes five aspects that together composes drawing skills – Perception of edges, perception of spaces, perception of relationships, perception of lights and shadows, and perception of gestalt.

"This book will increase your confidence, deepen your artistic perception, and foster a new appreciation of the world around you.

"The book teaches readers to discover how to transfer perceptual skills to thinking and problem-solving. Summary of this book

  • It coaches you to draw what you see, and not what you think.
  • It demonstrates the dichotomy between the left and right brain hemispheres and how they interact.
  • Consists of exercises and experiments for you to experience the switching of processing between the two halves of your brain.