The Vase/Faces Drawing
Vase/Faces Drawing
A side benefit of learning to draw is getting to know your own brain a bit better - for example, how, for you, these two modes compete and cooperate.

Here is a quick exercise designed to illustrate the mental conflict that can occur between L-mode and R-mode.

This is a famous optical illusion drawing, called "Vase/Faces" because it can be seen as either two facing profiles or as a symmetrical vase in the center.

Your job, of course, is to complete the second profile, which will inadvertently complete the symmetrical vase in the center.

Before you begin:
read all the directions for the exercise.

1. Print the Vase/Faces Template.
(Right handers
click here) (Left handers click here)


Redraw the profile already printed. Just take your pencil and go over the lines, naming the parts as you go, like this: " Forehead... nose... upper lip... lower lip... chin and neck." Then, go to the other side and start to draw the missing profile that will complete the symmetrical vase.


Now, do the exercise.

Click here, for an explanation of this exercise.

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