Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain



Hi Brian!

I just wanted to say that, almost 4 years later, I am still drawing and I am so thankful for the course and for your thoughtful and patient teaching. Expression through drawing has been such a joy that I just wanted to pass along my thanks once again.
Attached is a recent drawing, which I would never, ever, ever have been able to create without your help and encouragement. :-)
Best wishes & hope your classes continue to inspire others!
Former Student - Sent March 1, 2014

Hello Brian,
I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you at this wonderful workshop.
I found that all things are possible , and that I really can draw.
I do so appreciate your excellent teaching skills.
You seem to have endless patience, a remarkable skill in offering your methods , and I especially also appreciated your quiet unassuming manner , and your highly organised way of presenting the material.
It all seems so logical and simple, and although it will need a lot of practice to hone this art , you have provided me with the tools to work with in the future.
I did step right out of my comfort zone in taking your course , but you made me feel perfectly at ease in the group..
It was a marvellous experience for which I am extremely grateful .
Many thanks, Brian,
Gillian T.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Santa Barbara March 23-27, 2014

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for the lovely email. Apologies for my delayed response. It was a very busy week back at work and I wanted to take the time to really take in the course and provide a response. I LOVED the course. It exceeded my expectations and I feel such satisfaction knowing that I now have the tools and techniques to begin drawing. One of my measures of a good vacation is whether or not I forget my work computer password once i get back. On Monday, I had to really think what my password was and that has not happened in a very long time! It is a clear sign I truly got to escape from the day to day.

I have taken time to draw almost every night since the course and it feels great. I think I sleep better too because I allow my left brain to take a bit of a vacation before bed. Attached is a drawing of a chair in my living room as well as a photo of the real object. It took me three nights to get it done, and initially I mis-perceived some proportions which then threw everything off. Thank goodness for erasers. (I wondered how much I mis-perceive in life.) I struggled with the light stitching on the dark pillow and how to render this best, If you have suggestions, they are most welcome. It isn’t the most interesting chair, but it is one I could set up for easily to draw.

Last week I ordered a few drawing books from the Dover Art Library - Singer Sargent portrait drawings, Picasso Line drawings and Old Master Life Drawings. I really like Singer Sargent so looking forward to copying some of his works -upside down of course.

I look forward to hearing about upcoming courses. Thank you again for a fabulous course. It was a very steep learning curve for me and I was frustrated at times, but it was totally worth it.
Best regards,
Colleen K.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Seattle January 6-10, 2014


I really enjoyed the class and love the discussion by each person at the end of each day. I am planning on teaching the color theory to my grandkids on July 7 which will give me the opportunity to remember what I learned and show someone else.
I plan on making another design with them. I will take some pictures and send them to you when we are finished. Zac is 15 and Austin is 13 and Riley is 13. Zac and Austin have been drawing since they were very young at my house. They are both very good.
I think your studio is amazing and I am amazed by New York so different from Missouri.
Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.
Patty M.
Painting Class - NYC June 25-27, 2014

Hi Brian,

Thank you - thank you - thank you! I had such a wonderful week and learned so much. Am tickled that I can lose myself in drawing in a manner that, for me, is like gardening. I have been re-reading some of your Mom's early books and doing the practice activities contained there. When I realized that we had done updated versions of some of them, I see how you have worked over the years to improve the workshop. One set that I found very useful was the analog drawing of different emotions and discovering how similar mine were to students of your mother's - amazing to me. Then, when I read her analogy of teaching the adult to read and his discovery that words had meaning, I had a eureka moment....so do lines in a drawing. This gives me a whole new perspective to consider when I view drawings in the museum. I continued to do others, especially the one around expressing a 'problem' visually and have found it to be quite revealing. I loved the suggestion of turning it upside down to see it from a different perspective - which I relate to 'going outside the box' in solving problems in mathematics.
Have been practicing upside down line drawings, another of my hand where I did not use the picture plane (and then realized why we did use it in class), and a sketch of a Dedham pottery bunny from my collection (in which I know I have a mis-perception that I have yet to figure out). Yesterday I started to do a drawing of a patio chair in my yard - I am finding the skill of sighting, proportions and angles to be very challenging and I have so many erasures of the paper that I have to add value in order to finish. When I shift to looking at negative space, I often see where I have gone wrong more clearly, and then erase and start over. I spent so long that I lost all the good light and shadow, so I will return to it today. I am amazed that I can lose myself for 3-4 hours and tell my left brain to be quiet! I know that eventually that my drawing will be a reasonable representation.
I will send you the before and after self-portrait pics that are on my phone. I did add a boundary edge to the self-portrait after I returned home; I realized how critical it was when we looked at it from a distance on the last day. I think I was feeling a little rushed toward the end and did not notice its absence then. I will also also send the picture of the chair I am working on when I finish it today - am determined to see things clearly. I will include a picture of the chair too - maybe you would consider offering me a suggestion or two.
Am looking around for a drawing class - I just hope that the instructor does not try to force me to let go on my newly acquired right-brain perceptions!
Mary S.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Provincetown August 7-11, 2013

I have always loved art but, unfortunately, was one of those folks who just wasn't born with the "drawing" gene.  Or so I thought.  About six months ago I read "Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain" which really piqued my interest into what would be possible if I tried to develop the skills talked about in the book.  I thought it would be wonderful to attend a course based on the book and, luckily, there was a course in Florida in November, which I signed up for.  So, with a little trepidation, I turned up on Day 1 and after an introduction by Brian about the course we embarked on our first drawing (pre any instruction) the self portrait.  Mine was the archetypal left brained drawing full of symbols, with my nose and eyes still looking like they did when I drew them as a 12 year old.  Brian filed all these students drawings away until the last day.  For the rest of the week, we were immersed in lectures and practical work about lines, negative spaces, perspective, etc - learning the skills and techniques that all artists use.  I looked forward to each day, although the work was challenging and, at times, a little frustrating but it was amazing to see my skill level improve each day as each of my drawings got progressively better.  Then day 5 was upon us and the final drawing - another self portrait.  My husband came to pick me up from the course and Brian asked him to join the class for the final unveiling and critiques of the initial/final self portraits.  When Brian asked him for his thoughts, to quote "I am almost speechless. I would never have believed that such an improvement in five days could happen, I'm stunned".
This course completely demystified drawing for me. It is not about having the "drawing" gene.  It is all about learning a new skill, which is challenging, but if you immerse yourself in the experience with the benefit of Brian's wonderful tutelage, anyone can achieve amazing results.  I had a lot of fun, met some wonderful people and, above all, discovered the joy of actually being able to draw.....

Kate J.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - St Augustine November 5-9, 2012


"My husband and I recently took the "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" class for an anniversary gift to each other.  I had some drawing background from college and my husband had no previous drawing experience.  After attending the one week class, we have found that we look at the world differently. Everything is new and interesting.  Spaces we never knew existed, are now visible and, by applying the basic theory of negative spaces, our drawings are much improved, recognizable and interesting.  We both can draw everything now, and are very excited to continue to practice what we have learned and take more advanced classes in the near future.  We strongly recommend Brian Bomeislers' classes to anyone who wishes to enhance their life through a heightened "seeing" skill.  It is amazing and wonderful.  Informative and fun."

Tom and Candy Foran, Connecticut
Boston 5 Day Workshop October 16-20, 2012
October 23, 2012


There has been very little in my life that has changed my vision of things; literally and figuratively. I am very glad to say that your wonderful drawing course is one of them.
One week later I am walking around NYC and everything looks different and new to me: shadows, lines, negative spaces, angles, faces, colors, trees, street signs, buildings: all of NYC is more alive. Or maybe it's just me.
I've been riding the subway for over 35 years and yet, had it not been for the class, it never would have occurred to me to look and see one of the steel pillars and draw it and see it as a "pillar of the community."
Everytime I draw something I am initially pleased and then begin to see what I could improve on in the next drawing and that too is exciting.
In the class I felt, as you saw, like I was inside a snowglobe and everything was swirling around me and nothing was making much sense. Now that I've gotten some time alone and watched the DVD and gone out and started sketching and sighting things, the blizzard of new information is settling down and making sense and I am delighted to see that everything is eye appealing to me and capable of giving me a new found visual pleasure.
I owe you and your mother much for this new gift. I am deeply grateful to both of you.

John L  NYC 5 Day Workshop September 2012
October 6, 2012


Hi Brian! So good to hear from you. Your course (June 2011) is still firmly imprinted in my mind and my drawing skills have improved immensely under your fine tutelage. I just loved that week in New York - it was the best gift I've ever given myself and I just might have to sign up for another course. I'm just working on a website now for my art and when it's up and running will send you a link. Best wishes, Pat


Hello Brian,
I received your follow-up emails and I want to thank you again for six wonderful days I had at your classes. I showed my drawings and sketches to my family and a few friends, and they were all shaken by the fact that such dramatic changes really can occur in only a few days. I am amazed myself, still, even though I remember feeling these changes as they happened.
The whole experience left me with so much more than just a realization that with the right instructions, it is possible and enjoyable to learn anything, even skills as magical as realistic drawing. And by 'right' instructions, I mean not only the things one is told to look for, but also the way of delivery. I homeschool my daughter and know first hand how difficult it is to come up with a method of sharing knowledge. My sincere thanks to Dr. Edwards for finding the method that works and can be taught so quickly! But there is something else without which any method can fail (many of mine failed because I overlooked this). It is the atmosphere around the subject that makes all the difference.You are an amazing teacher, Brian, and the atmosphere you've created for us was as important for our progress as the Betty Edwards method itself. It was the illustration of why the method works. You told us that the class was about learning to see and ways of applying it in drawing, but you made us feel that the class was about every one of us. I am truly grateful to you for this.
Sincerely, Olga Yazlovitsky
May 9, 2012

I noticed that it seemed helpful to you if you got endorsements from satisfied students and so as one of the most satisfied, I submit the following.  There are a tremendous number of self-improvement books and courses these days, which promise transformation of the reader or student.  Generally, they fall flat which is why I was so impressed with Brian's course: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.   I'm a business manager taking a year off and while I had always enjoyed art, I couldn't draw more than a stick figure.  I tried some of the exercises in Betty Edwards famous book of the same name and made so much progress that I elected to try the course in the New York City venue.  I was one of nine students and was able to not only experience amazing development in my ability but to see it blossom in the others.  We made friends and learned from each other despite disparate backgrounds ranging from an art teacher to a computer software developer.  I can comment on the NYC venue in that it is great to spend a week in the SOHO area of NYC which is vibrant with cultural and shopping resources.  I came from Virginia and although my wife did not attend the course, she really enjoyed the trip to the City.  Here's my website  www.bobcookart.com.  I'd be happy to talk to any prospective student by email bobcooktexas@gmail.com or phone 512-618-8641.

Dear Brian,
You write the most encouraging notes, just like your words in class support us while we are learning in action, your notes do the same as we begin our private individual practice using new skills and knowledge we learned from you in class.  I love the ways you teach, the ways you support your students.  Your notes remind us why we were there and what you wanted to help us learn to do.  They are houghtful, gentle reminders, like wind beneath our wings. After taking your classes, I am changed from the inside out.  I now have new ideas, new skills supported with desire and new knowledge to draw things that I only dreamed of doing a few weeks ago.  What a wonderfully liberating experience!  Thank you for the wonderful note below.  I am saving it and placing it in a prominent, private place to remind me as I practice all that I learned while in your classes.  Thank you for devoting your life to teaching drawing.  I am a new person because of what I learned and experienced in two of your classes.  I am drawing often, now.  Thank you, too, for leaving my two drawings and notebook on the patio table.  I was so happy to retrieve them.
Linda M  La Jolla 5 Day and Advanced Workshops July 2011

I have been an elementary art teacher for almost 7 years now. I have a Master's in Art Education with a focus on painting.  I love to paint but have had a lifelong fear of drawing and have always ended up frustrated and depressed whenever I attempted to draw. In college and graduate school I was never taught the fundamentals of drawing. This led me to always feeling like a big fake at work. How could I be a good art teacher and not be able to draw? This fear affected my life every single day. I finally took the big step this summer to go and take your class. This class has changed everything for me!! I have a new confidence that I have never had before! I find myself choosing to draw instead of painting!!  The success is so real in this class for every single student.  I was sure I was going to be your one 'hopeless case' that you would not be able to help. Wrong! Every student improved immensely.  I was even scared that when I got home that I would not be able to draw. However, the lessons you taught us in those five short days are still with me and I can't get enough.  I cannot recommend this class enough to anyone who has a desire to draw.  It is worth every penny you spend and every second you agonize over having to draw with a class of strangers (like I did).  After this class, you will have a new group of friends, you will have improved a huge amount and you will have a new confidence in yourself!

Robin K San Francisco Workshop August 2008

The class greatly increased my confidence when drawing and has altered the way I see the things around me. I now find myself noticing the negative space be it in my friends photography (completely changing the feeling of the image) or just while driving or walking. The class has also changed the way I look at images I have seen for many years. For example, for the last three years I have owned Ansel Adams calendars and looked at his work everyday. The day after the class I was looking at a photograph and it seemed to come to life as if I had never seen it before. The texture of his gray scale seemed more real and alive, adding to my appreciation for his art. Really cool stuff... Thanks for the instruction, it has definitely changed my life.
Mike A.  May 2007 NYC



A word of thanks and appreciation. I had always wanted to paint.  My results were so poor that it was discouraging.  I took your class in September and since then have not stopped drawing and painting: sketch book, still life, live model, watercolor, oil, and my progresses are constant and a constant source of satisfaction and pleasure.

This would not have happened without your initial training.  Thank you to your mother and yourself!  Warmest Regards, JeanTimsit  jean.timsit@wanadoo.fr


-Anne Parker took my drawing and painting classes and this is her blog-





Just wanted to drop you a line to say once again, "Thank you!" for coming to Sedona June 2006 and giving your basic drawing class.

When I took your class that year I was a flight attendant.  I took an early retirement this summer as my long commute from Payson, AZ to O'Hare was getting to be too long for me.  Well, I retired the end of July this year, took a month off and started to look for my next job.  I was hired in September as an art illustrator!!!  I was shocked, that as a beginner, I would get the job (my boss does not know I am a beginner.)  And God has blessed me exceedingly with this job as after traveling for a living for 38, almost 39 years, I now work at HOME!!  I love drawing and I love being at home and this new job affords me both.

But thanks to you (and please extend my thanks to your mother, whom this all started with!), I am now able to do both draw and stay at home and get paid for it!!  You have another success story for your teaching.

So now I am not just doing a job, but starting my next career: art.  Thank you.

God bless

Beverly Samp   samp@npgcable.com





Brian, I came home and couldn't stop talking about what a great teacher you are.  My wife is a teacher so I know how difficult it is to express thoughts in a meaningful and understandable way.  I admire your patience.  I am drawing.  I really enjoy it.  I cannot believe how time flies when I draw.  It makes me feel good.  So, I'll draw as much and as often as I can.  I have a greater appreciation for art and artist as a result of taking your course.  Now if I could only get my hand to stop shaking!   Gary Wright - Oct 2006



Gary Harding's 5 day and Advanced Class drawings:



The morning after Friday and I am in state of disbelief.  Am I the same person who drew those pictures:  Stravinsky, a hand, a chair, the angular porch, Matthew's profile, and my "before and after" self-portrait?  I think "surprise" is a better word to describe my state.

Before the class, I was not sure if I should take the class; not sure if I ought to take a chance; and not sure if it's merely a whim, a waste of $2000 plus (plane trip and all)?  There in Santa Barbara, I knew it was worth it. 

Now in Fairfield, CA, I still know it was worth:  I was worth it.  Still, there's this new state of disbelief after the course:  "Do I take the chance again?"  I don't believe it.... 

I made copies of the pictures I drew.  I am sending it to my friend Mike in Germany (he asked for one).  I am sending one home for my brother, Joe and my mother, Antonia, to see.  I told my brother who believes that drawing is a kind of magic, a talent, and not a skill. My mother would probably think it's too expensive or a waste of time.  I framed my second self-portrait with a reduced version of the first self-portrait on the front right corner.  It's proof that my hands drew and eyes saw and my brain put it together.  I need all my witnesses.

Anyway, I am grateful for your guidance, your line or stroke, or drawing, or erasure that led me to draw further and to define what I saw.

The one thing I regret is not staying longer for our dinner.  It would have placed better closure to the whole experience.  Next time I'll know better.  Overall, I want to thank you, to thank the class, and to ask advice on how to keep drawing.  Right now, I am thinking of repeating the exercises in the course to solidify and to own what I learned.  I need to figure out which eye to use and to develop the skill of sighting.  I know that solitude is important but I also know that art needs nurture.  I hope you can advise me on what the "right nurture" is.  If it's too much to ask, don't give it.  But a "little line or erasure" would help now and then.

John Maningas





From: Elizabeth Eisner thelibrary@knology.net

Date: May 31, 2006

To: BB4art@aol.com

Subject: Thank You

It always surprises me that when I am with a group of unknown folks, working on an intense project and at a fast pace, that a bond can develop so quickly. I miss some of them.  But the photos make me feel not so lonesome for them and you.     

I had a show and tell session with my drawing chums, today.

They all were asking about the various classes that you had.  I'm going to get them copies of the list.  I know that I will be back and I do think there just might be one or two others from Augusta coming with me.

Oh, yes, they thought that the week greatly improved my drawing abilities!

Thanks, again, for everything....you know, its not just a drawing class that you teach............

My best regards to you, Betsy Eisner



Hi Brian,

The minute my husband saw me get off the plane he couldn't believe how much my look had changed.  Not literally but in my eyes and in my self-confidence.  The week has changed my whole life in the way I look and observe anything I draw.   Before I left for your class I started a painting of an angel and my interpretation of Saint Jerome.  Totally lost.  I came back (thank God for paint) and covered and repainted using what I learned in class.  It was unbelievable the attention I got from other artists who couldn't believe the change in my work.  Not only was the material and theory great, but the way you teach is incredible, never making me feel as though my drawing might be the worst or that I couldn't do it.  Your inspiration has allowed me to make such great strides in such a short amount of time, Thank You.  Have to hit the husband up for the January painting class.(LOL).

Again Thank You and regards to Roya,


Sheila Peters Studios

Sheila Peters, Owner

Phone: 585-314-1716

Email: speters@rochester.rr.com

--Colin - Cambridge August 2005:

Firstly thanks again for the course, it has opened up new possibilities for me even if it never earns me a cent. I have kick started my drawing efforts by asking friends and family to send me photos of themselves to do. I will be publishing my work on this web page.  http://homepage.mac.com/colin_mcgowan/PhotoAlbum9.html.


--Bob Cook - NYC July 2005




--Estelle -  estelle.slon@verizon.net  July 2005

Hi Brian,

I've just returned from a fabulous vacation at the shore and I wanted to write to you right away to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and how much you have inspired me. I drew several pictures while at the beach, something I never would have done had I not just completed your class. I am really feeling great about the whole experience. I am so impressed with the results. If you would like to add me to your list of references to give future students I would be thrilled and honored to talk about how absolutely wonderful and motivating your teaching is.

I will be back for more classes soon.






I found the course in Cambridge to be a life changing experience and it has caused me to look at other areas of my life where I think I really
ought to be able to do something but have, over the years, assumed I lacked ability. I am presently looking for a course for people who think
they cannot sing but really can.
Best wishes,Graham Cook

* * * *


Hey Brian this e-mail may sound a little strange my name is Luis Hernandez I first read your mothers book in 1995 while I was incarcerated in the federal correctional facility in Florence, Colorado in solitary confinement.  From the moment I opened and read the first page I was hooked this in turn helped me cope with the situation I had put myself in IÕve followed the instructions to a tee the countless hours and days did not matter from that moment on my life has changed.  My incarceration ended in 2003 that summer I had my first art exhibit I showed twenty pieces my medium is pencil. Your probably wondering what my crime was it was conspiracy to distribute marijuana. So Brian if you get the chance Please let your mother know that she made a profound difference in my for this I will always be thankful. Give me a call my cell is 269-4208857 or call me at my office 269-9652935 tell the person that answers the phone you would like to speak to Lou I own the company.



Taking the class with you this summer has opened my eyes wide to seeing the world differently.  Not just in my drawings and not just when looking at something around me, but in how I think about solving problems.
Building on the right-mode/left-mode concept, I think that exercising both modes makes for a stronger whole.  
It's another path to full body health and well-being.  It's building brain synapses. Thank you for teaching me how
to access the rest of my

Regards to your family,



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