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Sketching Class - 1 day: 9.30-5.30

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Brian Bomeisler has introduced this new one day class for anyone interested in learning sketching techniques and keeping a sketchbook.  The prerequisite is to have taken his 5 Day Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshop or for those that already have drawing experience.  He will lead you through a practical hands on day of sketching using a sketch book, and expand on the formal drawing instruction you have already received.    The class will take place either at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park or downtown Manhattan, or other locations and will be an intensive and fun day of drawing.  At the MET we have a wealth of material to use for reference, and the sculpture galleries offer ample material to practice sketching techniques.  Sketchbook drawing is an art unto itself requiring skills which can be taught; such as how to hold the sketchbook, how to use the” "basic unit" how to perform "sighting"” while sketching.  The variety of mediums include pencil,  pen and ink and a specific technique using an ordinary felt tip marker. 
For those students who have not taken Mr. Bomeisler's 5 Day Workshop it will be helpful, in this class, to become acquainted with Chapters 7 and 8 in Betty Edwards' "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". 

Elena had no prior drawing instruction prior to attending the 5 day drawing class in NYC— she completed the course and followed with the sketch class at the MET and these are her sketches:


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