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Painting/Color Class - 3 days: 9.30-5.30
$1025 - portfolio of painting materials included

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Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler have designed a practical three-day course in color as the next step and follow-up to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  This course is suitable for novices in color as well as more experienced artists who may be using color without a clear understanding or knowledge of color theory.  Hands-on exercises focus on how to use  theory to achieve harmonious color, and how to see and efficiently mix specific desired hues.  Brief lectures focus on traditional color attributes such as hue, value, intensity and various visual perceptual and psychological aspects of color.  Students will work on still life paintings utilizing the theory and techniques they learn during the workshop.  For this class we work with acrylic paints because of their versatility, but the techniques can be applied to any painting mediums.  We give each student a portfolio of materials which is included in the tuition cost.

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While we may appreciate the beauty and versatility of color, working with colors can be a challenge.  This class will give you confidence in your use of color and deepen your artistic perception. 

Betty Edwards' book "Color; A course in mastering the art of mixing colors"  was published in the fall of 2004 and is available through Barnes and Noble and most large bookstores including Amazon.com.  The three day color workshop follows the book in content:

*  to perceive how light affects color

*  to understand how colors affect one another

*  to manipulate hue, value, and intensity of colors

*  to balance color in still life paintings

*  to understand how the psychological meaning of colors can apply to your unique color expression and to your     surroundings


--Day One starts with a slide lecture on various aspects of color followed by students completing paintings of value and intensity scales, then followed by a painted color wheel.   The materials we use in this class are acylic paint on illustration board but what's learned can be translated into any other painting medium ie; oil, pastel or watercolor.   We will discuss those painting materials in the class and how to work with them.   One of the key learnings of this 3 day class is the use and beauty of the 'low intensity' colors.   By utilizing those colors you will begin to realize the full potential of painting.

--Day Two starts with a discussion of the psychological aspects of color followed by a painting which completes all aspects of color i.e. hue, value and intensity.   This painting closely follows an exercise in Dr. Edward's book "Color: A course in mastering the art of mixing colors" described in Chapter 9.   After finishing this exercise you will not only have a beautiful painting but you will better understand color and possess a basic knowledge of color that will be applied in the next days painting

--Day Three reviews painting materials and surfaces followed by a demonstration painting of a still life by Mr. Bomeisler.  This is followed by students completing a still life painting on their own.  In this painting you will utilize all you have learned producing a beautiful painting complete with light and shadow rendered in color and all three aspects of color; hue, value and intensity.  In this 3 day class you will learn how to control what you think you know about colors in a left brained way and really begin to see the colors that are actually there.


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