Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Follow-On Drawing Class - 2 days: 9.30-5.30

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This intensive two-day workshop is designed for those who have completed the introductory Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshop, or have sufficient experience to follow the syllabus.  Utilizing approaches developed by Betty Edwards, students gain further understanding of basic perceptual skills.  Instruction focuses on expressing volume and space in drawing; exploring crosshatching techniques; and working with still life and the human figure.  Students learn how to perceive edges, spaces, relationships, lights and shadows in ways that enlarge their understanding of drawing principles and enhance their drawing skills.

--Day One
starts with a slide presentation of various aspects of drawing as we delve more deeply into light and shadow.  We look at various artists approach to light and shadow from Michaelangelo to Matisse.  Students are taught how to render a simple one point perspective drawing from a series of slides and then begin to explore value scales and crosshatching in drawing.  Brian gives a lecture and demonstration of these important skills which constitute the mark of a trained artist.  In the afternoon we delve more deeply into the aspects of light and shadow with a drawing of cylinders, cones and balls set off with a strong light.  We discuss the attributes of light logic; highlight, crest shadow, reflective light and cast shadow.  We also learn how to use our hands as a sighting tool rather than the picture plane. . 

--Day Two
begins with a demonstration drawing by Brian of a classic still life of fruit, a bottle and flowers.  Following this, students work on a similar still life drawing of fruits and flowers fully articulated in light and shadow.  The light and shadow, proportion and volume of this drawing, will be rendered through the skill of cross hatching.  In the afternoon, we have a brief lecture on the proportions of the human figure - the ultimate artist's subject - followed by a demonstration by Brian.  Students draw the female figure embedding the drawing with all the skills learned: the light and shadow, crosshatching and the use of the hands to sight the composition - everything will now be fully integrated into a seamless flow.  At the end of the day we have a critique of all the drawings.

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