Corporate Workshops and Training

Learning to draw means learning to see things differently - to see in ways not used in ordinary life. Once learned drawing can be used to record what you see either in reality or in your mind's eye, in a manner not totally unlike the way we can record our thoughts and ideas in words.

Like words drawings have meaning. Drawings however, can reveal meaning that often eludes the expressive power of words and therefore can be useful for unlocking creative ideas and solutions to problems that frequently seem too complicated for words.

In intensive workshops designed exclusively for corporations, participants are taught the skills necessary for realistic and expressive drawing - and it is these skills that enable high level creative thinking and problem-solving. Workshops can tailored to meet your organizations needs.


Brian Bomeisler
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshops
51 Greene Street, 6th Floor Studio
New York City, New York 10013
Tel:(212) 966-6823

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